Estate Manager/Chief of Staff

The Estate Manager/Chief of Staff has all the skills and qualifications of a Household Manager (See Household Manager description), and more.  The Estate Manager is required to understand the occupational trades of all staff that he or she oversees and may also have involvement with the employer’s corporate entity.

They will generally use executive-level communications skills, have obtained a higher level of education and experience, and have a greater scope of responsibilities.  Such specialized duties can include:

  • Oversight of additional properties
  • Management of a larger staff team
  • Careful financial oversight
  • Access to highly sensitive/confidential information
  • Policy making authority
  • Supervision of significant auxiliary features (such as stables, golf course, vineyard, etc.)
  • Oversight of private aircraft, yachts, and luxury vehicles

If you are interested in applying, or if you would like more information on the process of hiring an Estate Manager, please contact us at [email protected]